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Drs. Yoshio Tanaka, Mikiko Nishikimi, Ryousei Takano, and Jason Haga attended the opening ceremony of Mahidol-AIST Research Unit (MARU) and the ITRI satellite office in Mahidol campus.
Dr. Yoshio Tanaka, Dr. Akira Mori, Dr. Ryousei Takano, Dr. Jason Haga and Dr. Kyoung-Sook Kim visited Mahidol University, Thailand and exchanged opinions with the President and the Vice President of Mahidol University and the Dean of the Faculty of ICT to strengthen research collaborations. This is the first visit after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University and ITRI, AIST.
The research proposal, `Universal Server-aided Computation for Realizing Secure Private Data Processing` by Dr. Goichiro Hanaoka, a group leader of Advanced Cryptography Research Group, was adopted to the research area, "Development and Integration of Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Innovation Acceleration" of CREST, JST Strategic Basic Research Programs.
Dr. Takahiro Hirofuchi of Cyber Physical Cloud Research Group received the Best Paper Award at ACM SoCC 2016.
The 1st round of 2016 AIST Recruitment of Research Scientists is now OPEN!
Dr. Jacob C.N. Schuldt of Advanced Cryptography Research Group received the Best Paper Award at IMA C&C 2015.
1st International Workshop on Validating Software Tests

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Dr. Yoshio Tanaka

The exponential growth of big data makes it difficult to collect and analyze with conventional technology. On the other hand, the analysis and utilization of big data has become a key enabler of industrial competitiveness and improved quality-of-life. For example, a cyber physical system linking cyberspace with the physical world through a network of interrelated elements is expected to advance innovations in social systems and industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, distribution services, livelihood support, and urban infrastructure grids.
The main research themes at the Information Technology Research Institute include: (1) computer architecture and system software for next-generation data centers to achieve fast and efficient big data processing, which is not possible with current systems, (2) cyber physical software engineering and advanced cryptosystems that facilitate secure and dependable cyber physical systems, and (3) "creativity enabling technology" that encourages the creation and utilization of valuable content. Our overarching goal is to develop technologies that benefit industries and society by providing easy-to-use platforms and services.


Organization Chart (as of 1 Aug, 2017)


Headquarters and affiliated members

Name Title
Yoshio Tanaka Director
Kazuo Takaragi Deputy Director
Mikiko Nishikimi Deputy Director
Masataka Goto Prime Senior Researcher
Kazukuni Kobara Principal Research Manager
Hiromitsu Takagi Senior Research Scientist
Asahiko Yamada Invited Senior Researcher
Hajime Watanabe Chief Senior Researcher
Koichi Takahashi Senior Research Scientist

Media Interaction Group

Name Title
Masahiro Hamasaki Group Leader
Masataka Goto Prime Senior Researcher
Tomoyasu Nakano Senior Research Scientist
Satoru Fukayama Research Scientist
Jun Kato Research Scientist
Kosetsu Tsukuda Research Scientist
Masayasu Ogata Research Scientist
Yuki Koyama Research Scientist
Smith Jordan AIST Postdoctoral Researcher
Tian Cheng AIST Postdoctoral Researcher
Hiromi Nakamura AIST Postdoctoral Researcher
Shuhei Tsuchida AIST Postdoctoral Researcher
Paul Haimes AIST Postdoctoral Researcher

Cyber Physical Security Research Group

Name Title
Hitoshi Ohsaki Group Leader
kenichi Handa Senior Research Scientist
Yutaka Sato Senior Research Scientist
Hirofumi Sakane Senior Research Scientist
Izumi Takeuchi Senior Research Scientist
Sumitaka Akiba Senior Research Scientist
Koji Segawa Senior Research Scientist
Kenji Toda Senior Research Scientist

Cyber Physical Architecture Research Group

Name Title
Yutaka Oiwa Group Leader
Hirotaka Yoshida Senior Research Scientist
Affeldt Reynald Senior Research Scientist
Kentaro Imafuku Senior Research Scientist
Ichiro Ogata Senior Research Scientist
Yusuke Kawamoto Research Scientist

Cyber Physical Cloud Research Group

Name Title
Ryousei Takano Group Leader
Tsutomu Ikegami Senior Research Scientist
Kuniyasu Suzaki Senior Research Scientist
Akira Tanaka Senior Research Scientist
Jason Haga Senior Research Scientist
Takahiro Hirofuchi Senior Research Scientist

Software Analytics Research Group

Name Title
Akira Mori Group Leader
Noriaki Izumi Chief Senior Researcher
Hideaki Nishihara Research Scientist
Yoshiyuki Yamagata Senior Research Scientist
Takashi Kitamura Senior Researcher
Eun-Hye Choi Senior Researcher
Kenji Taguchi Invited Senior Researcher
Jun Inoue AIST Postdoctoral Researcher

Advanced Cryptography Research Group

Name Title
Goichiro Hanaoka Group Leader
Koji Nuida Senior Research Scientist
Attrapadung Nuttapong Senior Research Scientist
Takao Murakami Senior Research Scientist
Seonghan Shin Senior Research Scientist
Takahiro Matsuda Research Scientist
Schuldt Jacob Research Scientist
Shota Yamada Research Scientist
Yusuke Sakai Research Scientist
Hiraku Morita AIST Postdoctoral Researcher
Ohata Satsuya AIST Postdoctoral Researcher

The SEI-AIST Cyber Security Collaborative Research Laboratory

Name Title
Akira Mori Laboratory Leader
Daisuke Souma Research Scientist
Hideaki Nishihara Research Scientist
Goichiro Hanaoka Research Scientist
Hirotaka Yoshida Research Scientist
Tadanori Teruya Research Scientist
Yuhei Watanabe AIST Postdoctoral Researcher

Joint Appointed Fellow, Emeritus Researcher, Emeritus Advisor

Name Title
Katsuro Inoue Joint Appointed Fellow
Tomohiro Kudoh Joint Appointed Fellow
Kazuhito Ohmaki Emeritus Researcher
Hideki Imai Emeritus Researcher
Ichiro Nakajima Emeritus Advisor
Tsutomu Matsumoto Emeritus Advisor


AIST Tsukuba (Central)

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305-8560 Japan

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AIST Tsukuba
Information Technology Research Institute
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